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9 ways to deliver a bad presentation

Image courtesy Stock.XCHNG People seem to think that the main purpose of a presentation is to convey information, or even (I am ashamed to say) motivation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The main reason to give a presentation … Continue reading

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GnTD: the flow

Image courtesy Stock.XCHNG Some people are obsessed with getting things done, but we all know that work is over rated: we would rather just slob out and do nothing. One of the best ways to achieve this is to employ … Continue reading

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7 ways to juggle your life

Image courtesy Stock.XCHNG Everyone likes a juggler. They manage to keep more on the go than anyone else, and they seem to do so effortlessly. Although their acts are full of dynamism and pizazz, their faces look serene, their attention … Continue reading

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Hello world!

And the world replied: Tumbleweed! Image courtesy Stock.XCHNG

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