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Money for nothing

Image courtesy Stock.XCHNG —Easy money— Want to know how to make some? Of course you do! So do I! The difference is I’ve got MY SECRET PLAN™ And the good news is I am willing to share it with you … Continue reading

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The long hard road to increased blog traffic

Original image courtesy Stock.XCHNG The exponential increase in the number of blogs means that the blog-sphere is becoming crowded, almost claustrophobic. We’re all competing for the same readers, but some of us are elbowing our blogs to the front. Here … Continue reading

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Buzzwords of despair

Original image courtesy Stock.XCHNG The grand plan Every manager wants motivated staff, right? Well, despite what the management books might say, it really isn’t difficult for managers to motivate their staff. Unfortunately for managers, there are two kinds of motivation … Continue reading

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10 ways to avoid any activity

Image courtesy Stock.XCHNG There will always be jobs that nobody wants to do, and the purpose of this article is to ensure that you won’t have to do them. It lists a series of attitudes you’ll need to develop so that people … Continue reading

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Choosing a religion: 6 questions to ask yourself

Image courtesy Stock.XCHNG Everyone needs to believe in something, but does it really matter what? Of course it does. But don’t for one moment think that you need look for a religion that is actually true. There are more important … Continue reading

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You need underlings: 5 reasons why

Image courtesy Stock.XCHNG Every king has his pawns. Every tyrant has his minions. Every manager has his staff. So why shouldn’t you? Here are 5 reasons you should have some underlings: It will make you feel important when they do what they’re … Continue reading

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