Exclusive: Inside The Bilderberg Workshop

What is it?

The Bilderberg Workshop hosts an annual private party of 12 to 15 people from the European and North American political elite, experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media. It was founded in 1997.

Do They Have a Slogan?

The company’s slogan was “Where Best Deals Are Made” from 1997-2013 and is currently “The Most Money You’ll Ever Make.”

What will you see there?

Stare with wide-eyed amazement as you step into an elite world of power. Self-interest fills the air, and the noise of everyday life fades away. You bounce, skip and giggle your way through our interactive money-making stations, creating your very own personalized empire.

Who Participates?

Past attendees have included world leaders, policy makers, and kids TV presenters.

Prominent members have included:

  • Lord Noriyuki (Japanese Clan Leader)
  • Kozlov Leifonovich Grebnev (Manga Kingpin)
  • Prince Mor’du (Scottish Royalty)
  • Peggy Fortnum (Peruvian Railway Tycoon)
  • Rupert Beardoch (Newspaper Magnate)
  • State O’ Maine (Viennese Impresario)
  • Lala Hiyama (TV Personality)
  • Neville Harwood (Gang Leader)
  • Isambard “Sooty” Corbett (Statesman)

What happens there?

People sit around a big table, stuffing ordinary people. According to a leaked invitation:

A magical place, where dreams are destroyed. Steal their wallets and their voices. Be inspired to control. Watch common people squeal and gasp with fear as they breathlessly intone, help me, help me, help me.

What will I learn there?

There are cold, impersonal ways to engineer events, big and small.

Does it Have Competitors?

It did. The Build-a-Fear and The Fear Factory both closed in 2012.

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